Your level?

To help you decide which class to sign up for, take a look at the table below to determine your level.

Classe accueil  I have never skied Beginner
Classe I  I have taken a ski-lift, I am improving at snowplough turns 1er Degré
Classe II I am starting to ski and do parallel turns 2ème Degré
Classe III parallel turn, all runs 3ème Degré
Compétition Performance, slalom, all runs, off-piste Cabris, Chamois, Flèche, Aiglon, KL
Stage Junior Level Etoile d’Or, all runs 14 – 18 years old
Stage Grand Ski good skier, all snow, all runs and off-piste up to 18 years old
Ski de montagne Héliski, glacier skiing, ski treks in spring, … Contact us