Etoile (from 5 to 13 years old)

From 5 or 6  to 13 years old : ‘Flocon’ Classes and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Etoile

From the Flocon classes through to the 3rd Etoile, in the right group and at the right level, your children will enjoy improving on the slopes of the resort
Price: 5 or 6 group classes 151 € (excluding ski pass Montchavin les coches)

Vidéo test flocon

« BON PLAN »: For the over sixes in the « Flocon » classes and preparing the first « Etoile »:  group lessons +  Ski pass Montchavin Les Coches (or la Pagne*), valid all day.

*It is possible to upgrade to a La Plagne lift pass if you call into our office

Price: 5 or 6 group lessons 242 € course +  ski pass Montchavin les Coches

Vous pouvez compléter le forfait Montchavin les Coches lors de votre passage à l’ESF pour le récupérer et bénéficier du Plagne intégral.


  • Holds the Ourson.
  • Can control his/her speed and cross the fall line using snowplough turns.
  • Retains his/her balance while skiing faster with skis parallel both across and down the slope, on both skis or from one ski to the other, over smooth terrain on a gentle slope.
  • Can slow down and stop and is starting to be able to sideslip.


  • Holds the Flocon.
  • Can complete a series of elementary sideslip turns taking into account external factors (terrain profile, other users, snow quality, etc.).
  • Retains his/her balance when sliding across gentle to moderately steep slopes.
  • Is starting to be able to sideslip (uphill swing, at an angle).


  • Holds the 1ère Etoile.
  • Can complete a series of smooth elementary turns, crossing the fall line with skis parallel and can complete turns with an uphill swing taking into account external factors (terrain profile, other users, snow quality, etc.).
  • Can ski over hollows and moguls, across or down the slope, while retaining his/her balance.


  • Holds the 2ème Etoile.
  • Can complete a series of short- and medium-radius basic turns with skis parallel, taking into account and compensating for external factors (terrain, users, type of snow, etc.).
  • Can maintain his/her balance in a schuss over varied terrain (hollows and bumps).
  • Is improving his/her lateral balance using successions of sideslips interspersed with direct traversing lines.
Excluding the February holidays:Begin at 09:30am to 12:00am or 2:00pm to 4:30 from Sunday to FridayDuring the February holidays:

  • Early morning at 9:00am until 11:15am
  • The best moment of the day from 11:15am til 1:30pm, 10 children maximum per course
  • Afternoon : from 2 pm til 4:15


All day :11:15am til 1:30pm & 2 pm til 4:15pm