Levels 1, 2, 3

  • Snowboarding, Levels 1 and 2

I have 1-4 week’s experience
My goal: to perfect my turns, master the ‘schuss’ (fast straight downhill run), discover jumps, choose a mogul, learn to get around the snowpark whilst respecting safety rules, board in powder.  I will make progress in:

  • Improving my turns.
  • Adapting my material according to the discipline.
  • Discovering the « flat » (figures on the flat)
  • First jumps.
  • Boarder-cross
  • Snowboarding, Level 3 and Expert

I have more than 4 week’s experience
My goal: to perfect my turns on all kinds of snow, on all terrains, discover the resort’s off-pistes, perfect myself at the half-pipe, improve my technique and my routes in the boarder-cross, do 180°s and 360°s.  I will learn to:

  • Develop a route, edge to edge, reacting by leaning.
  • Tackle steep slopes.
  • Choose an off-piste route.
  • Jump all the units in the Snowpark.
  • Do the Half-pipe
  1. Christmas holidays and Easter from 14h til 16h30 from Sunday or Monday to Friday.
  2. Outside holiday time from 9.30am oil 12.00pm.
  3. During February/March holidays:
    • 6 classes from 11h30 til 14h: the best part of the day, 10 children maximum per class
    • 6 afternoon classes: 15h-17h30.

The use of wrist and knee support (roller-blading type possibly) is strongly advised